The R&D is the core of any company and it is no different with Rasasi. Our R&D team which boasts of some of the best regional experts, spearheads extensive consumer research to decipher new trends and an understanding of the ever evolving needs and expectations of our global consumer with the aim of developing viable and well appreciated new products.


To maintain quality and consistency, we have tied up with leading European & Asian perfumeries to ensure that we are on par with international standards. We understand the need for industry expertise and have always appointed the best marketing and research experts to procure it.


Though innovation and improvement are pivotal to Rasasi, we have always strived to provide value for money to our customers while maintaining our quality, our vision and long-term standing in the region.  


An evaluation board has been tasked with the responsibility of evaluating new projects, project phases, and finalizing fragrances, bottle designs and other components that fit well with the target market segment.