The secret to our success has been a simple motto: "Quality product at excellent value.” At Rasasi, we never compromise on quality of any of our components. Investing in state-of-the-art technology and migration to latest technological advancements in our manufacturing processes keeps us at the forefront of cutting-edge development .Stringent quality control measures are followed to ensure that products are of international standards.

We not only ensure high quality standards in our own processes but also at our supplier's end where quality-consciousness efforts have been a major focus thus ensuring a stringent quality control over the entire supply chain.


Industry best practices and compliance to industry specifications through the processes of sourcing raw materials, various developmental stages and finished products is a major focus. Repeated tests ensure compliance to physical and chemical properties, microbial, hazardous or other unwanted chemical contaminants. The manufactured products are stored under conditions that protect from contamination or deterioration, and are tested for continued compliance with established acceptance specifications.

An in-house printing division caters to the need for manufacturing delicate and sophisticated packaging. Here too stringent quality control is applied to ensure compliance with the highest standards.