Ruh al teeb


Ruh Al Teeb, Concentrated Perfume Oil - 15 ML

Ruh al teeb as the name suggests is the”essence of purity”. It is an impeccable perfume which is destined to captivate
Ruhal teeb is a classic rendition of one of the most highly esteemed fragrance in perfumery. It is a light hearted, sophisticated fragrance is richly feminine, sensual and compliments elegance and multiple facets of the modern women. The underlying opulence and feminine notes infuse a feeling of de-ja-vu adding a timeless allure to this juice.

Top: Jasmine, Rose, Lily
Middle: Woody, Amber, Germanium, Spices
Base: Musk, Hedionic,Green Melon and Green Floral Accords, Indonesian Patchouli