Raqiya Ambroxan


Raqiya Ambroxan, Bakhoor, (Insense), 109 Gms

Raqiya has been synonymous with warm Arabian hospitality since the last two decades. The timeless fragrance of this ever popular Rasasi incense takes a contemporary modern twist with Raqiya Ambroxan, an intensely harmonious eulogy to contrasting notes bought together to an enthralling,  magnetic effect.  The sparkling vivacious elegance of bergamot, ambroxan and grapefruit jostles  with dark smoky deluges of vetiver infused cedarwood, finally reveling in the brilliance of the timeless agarwood and musk seduced to sweet warmth by grey amber while tea reinforces the zesty nature of the fragrance.

Top: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Ginger
Middle: Iris, Cedarwood, Vetiver 
Base: Agarwood, Grey  Amber, Musk, Tea