Oudh Al Suifi


Oudh Al Suifi, Concentrated Perfume - 3 ML

Oudh Al Siufi Concentrated Perfume is a piece of poetry with crystal and heavenly scents entwined to perfection. The crystal bottle is individually hand crafted to perfection with its multiple facets giving an unmistakable aura of exclusivity.

This classical oriental concentrated bouquet has been created especially for users who like to indulge in the rich notes of Oudh. Fragrance connoisseurs will crave for its heavenly fragrance, which is intentionally blended in rich proportions of the rare and much priced oudh from India & Cambodia.The fragrance was carefully developed and meticulously fine-tuned over a period of one year to offer you a masterpiece in the form of Oudh Siufi.

The complex scent transitions beautifully to envelop the wearer in stunning layers of luxury and mystique. The fragrance is reminiscent of a dark and dense oriental forest at night. Highly coveted by the connoisseurs of pure and classical oriental alchemy Oudh Al Siufi blooms beautifully when applied neat on the skin and is equally enthralling when used as a base for layering.

Top: Woody, Oudh
Middle: Woody, Oudh
Base: Woody, Oudh