Mukhallat Oudh Siufi



Mukhallat Oudh Siufi is an extension and celebration of Rasasi's successful scent ‘Oudh Suifi’ the copper-hued juice blends oriental waves of scent with a delicate note of rare oudh, which invokes a sense of power and indulgence. It is a rich concoction of pure oriental inflections with a unique character, giving the connoisseurs yet another opportunity to experience the exuberance of oudh .

The raw sensuality of agarwood mellowed by the soft, milky, earthly and lingering fragrance of sandalwood with strong spicy infections rounded off by the romance of precious Indian rose which is enhanced by an unexpected fruity top note serves as delicate prelude to a very oudhy heart.

This precious perfume is highly coveted by the connoisseurs of pure and classical oriental alchemy. The brillance of the hand- crafted crystal bottle matches the precious juice inside.

Top: Indian Rose, Lavendar, Fruity
Middle: Animalic, Clove, Cinammon m Cardamom
Base: Agarwood, Sandalwood & Musk