Folklory Akhdar


Folklory Akhdar Pour Femme, EDP- 30 ML

Folklory Akhdar, is a special offering for women who appreciate the heritage and mystique of oriental alchemy with a modern touch.

The floral inflections to musk and oudh laced with a hint of tobacco, along with the honey dripping soft, milky, rich and earthy smoothness of a lingering trail of sandalwood, sweetened to an intensive powdery balmy, warm, gourmand and intoxicating character lent by tonka beans makes this perfume an oriental eulogy that is enchanting, tempting and mystifying.

The perfume is for a woman who turns heads with her presence and leaves a luscious and intoxicating lingering trail behind her.

The stone studded bottle, decorated in an attractive outer box is as unique as the perfume itself.

Top: Bergamot, Blueberry, Cardamom, Saffron
Middle: Tobacco & Oud
Base: Sandalwood Patchouli,Musk, Tonka Beans & Honey