Dhanel Oudh al zahab


Dhanal Ood Al Zahab, Concentrated Perfume - 3 ML

Zahab means gold. The fragrance of natural dhanel oudh matured over years inflected with sweetness of amber and the warm, soft, lingering caress of precious sandalwood creates a dark and smoky fragrance that is very complex and manifests an interplay of inflections, akin to a magical oriental forest in bloom. Rose adds a whiff of soft romance to this alluring classic medley.

This concentrated fragrance is for a men and women with confidence, elegance and sophistication, who also desire opulence and mystique. It is splendid when worn neat on the skin and equally enthralling as a base when layered with other fragrances.

The superbly crafted crystal bottle adds a brilliant allure to this classic.

Top : Oudh, Rose

Middle : Amber

Base : Oudh, Sandalwood